BROOME FUTURE LTD – the predecessor to Broome Future Alliance Ltd

The current Broome Future Alliance Ltd has been formed in response to the governance policy determined for the custodianship and implementation of the Broome Growth Plan. Whilst in transition it is a different organisation, the genesis of the Alliance lies within its predecessor Broome Future Limited (Broome Future).

Broome Future Ltd was a not-for-profit company established and funded by organisations and individuals with commercial and community interests in Broome and the wider Kimberley region.

Broome Future was established as an advocate for the sustainable economic, social and cultural development of Broome and the Kimberley for the benefit of the Kimberley community and industry, as well as that of Western Australia and the Nation.


In the words of the then Chairman of Broome Future, Dr Ken Michael AC, in 2014,

“The Kimberley region of Western Australia is an ancient land that has been inhabited by our first people for over 40,000 years. It is a very spiritual place which is recognised as one of the last remaining places of the globe that is in a very pristine condition. It is seen as a place of enormous potential.

Australian’s, West Australians and people from all over the world who’ve had the opportunity to experience the region, are captivated by its uniqueness and many have become passionate about its future.

Broome is on the West Kimberley coast with the largest population in the region. It has evolved to become the major centre with strong links to the other parts of the Kimberley, such as Derby, Kununurra, Wyndham, Fitzroy Crossing and Halls Creek as well as numerous outlying Aboriginal communities, pastoral stations, onshore oil and gas, and mining operations. More recently as offshore oil and gas has been discovered, Broome has become a centre of activity for this industry. In the last few years there has been some uncertainty as to the role that Broome would play in the future with this industry as major players are looking at floating LNG rather than an onshore processing facility.

It was a combination of the passion that a group of people hold for Broome and the Kimberley and the uncertainty of the future of the region, that resulted in a group of like-minded citizens from Broome and Perth agreeing in 2013 to establish an organisation known as Broome Future.

Broome Future is apolitical, not a lobbying, organisation which uses evidence-based research to analyse the capacity of Broome to support the region as the major logistics hub and service centre. Funding of the research has been thanks to the generosity of individuals and organisations that share the passion for the Kimberley region and Broome. There has been no financial assistance from any level of government.

The first major initiative has been the report Unlocking the Door, undertaken on behalf of Broome Future by Australian Venture Consultants. It is a very comprehensive analysis of the feasibility of Broome becoming a logistics hub and service centre for the Kimberley. There is acknowledgement that any development requires a sensible balance between the environment, social and economic needs.

The report has involved extensive consultation and provides a framework for all key stakeholders to work together in a coordinated way, recognising the need for balance.

This is the start of a journey that will see Broome and the Kimberley playing a very important role in the twenty first century which is The Asian Century.

I commend the report to anyone who has an interest in this region.”

The Unlocking the Door is indeed a thoroughly comprehensive report on the “state of play” in Broome and the West Kimberley at the time, and its findings are still current today. Built around the most comprehensive consultation process with local community groups, industry sectors, and a wide range of government agencies the report, and the all the consultative reports are available on this site for reference.

The Unlocking the Door Report, together with many others, formed a strong foundation in the development and finding of the Broome Growth Plan and continues to provide sound informative opinions and comments as we move forward with the implementation of the Broome Growth Plan initiatives.

Broome Future Ltd group evolved into the new Broome Future Alliance Ltd body with three (3) members of the original board continuing to act as Directors on the new board initiated in late 2018. This transition ensures the work of the Unlocking the Door report continues to be an important reference point for information, and decision making.

Unlocking the Door Consultation Project Reports

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