Broome Future Alliance is now the West Kimberley Alliance

Broome Future Alliance Ltd has formally changed its name to West Kimberley Alliance Ltd.

This does not only represent a name change. It is another demonstrable step forward in uniting our efforts for the economic, social and cultural development and sustainability of the West Kimberley region.

As detailed within the body of this website, the Broome Future Alliance Ltd. evolved and took its name  from the Broome Growth Plan, a State Government funded strategic plan for the West Kimberley region with the focus of developing Broome as the commercial and economic hub of the West Kimberley.  Notwithstanding the title of the Growth Plan, many of the strategies and initiatives detailed therein are relevant to the entire West Kimberley region including Derby and Fitzroy Crossing townships and outlying communities.

During the year, Mr Geoff Haerewa President of the Derby- West Kimberley Shire joined the board as a Director to boost the presence of the West Kimberly zone.

Following a recent strategic review of its purpose, mission and objectives, the Board considered the timing was right to better reflect the overall scope of our development objectives and hence the change of name to West Kimberley Alliance.  Over time, further Board appointments to continue that process will evolve.

The basics of the West Kimberley Alliance have not changed. We remain a not-for-profit limited liability registered company. Our underlying principles and objectives remain as detailed on this website, and we remain committed to the vision underpinning the Growth Plan the economic, social and cultural development, sustainability and resilience of the region, whilst preserving our environment and increasing indigenous participation.

In the near future, the Board will sign off on its long-term strategic development framework and seek endorsement and support from Local, State and Federal Governments to support the furtherance of those objectives.

So, stay tuned as that evolves and is reflected on this Web page for your understanding and involvement.

Yawuru, the traditional owners of lands and waters around Rubibi (Broome), welcomes a shared vision that connects our diverse community, unique culture and precious environment with a sustainable and inclusive future to create mabu liyan (positive wellbeing) and empowerment for all.  

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